Mélanie Aubé

Mélanie’s vision in founding SISST was to promote fire prevention and occupational health and safety within Québec companies. Her mission since 2008 has been to communicate and share her passion with workers and managers. Having suffered significant hearing loss from years of working in noisy food and beverage establishments, she speaks from experience!

Brave, strong and determined to succeed, Mélanie is a natural leader who inspires confidence and eagerly shares her knowledge and passion.

Through a combination of humor, customized consulting and coaching, she guides personnel at all levels through the various processes and procedures, while ensuring compliance with all current legislation.

Mélanie Aubé SISST

Career path

Mélanie experienced her first professional ‘’aha moment’’in 2008, while participating in the implementation of emergency measures for the transportation of a particularly toxic substance.

After graduating from Collège Montmorency with a TPI (Technicienne en prévention des incendies [fire prevention technician]), she worked as a safety practitioner for the city of Pointe-Claire, where she saw 12 fire safety and Hazardous Materials Management plans through to completion by implementing the WHMIS.

In 2012, she began working as Sales Director for a well-known fire prevention firm while completing her certificate in occupational health and safety at Université de Montréal.

In 2014, she accepted job offer as an OHS Trainer in Nunavik, where she lived the experience of a lifetime as a member of the “Mining Squad” for two years.

The launching of SISST was Mélanie’s birthday present to herself in June 2016.

Since then, she has continued to perfect her skills, both personally and professionally, to ensure that she is always open to new ideas, methods, technologies and approaches.

Promett is a rapidly growing manufacturer of metal cases and components. As our company is continually in search of improvement in the area of occupational health and safety, we turned to SISST for guidance. SISST was able to provide us with creative solutions by focusing specifically on our company’s reality and tailoring their services to our unique needs. Their specialists expertly coached us through the process of creating and implementing our prevention program, drafting our OHS policies, securing our shop and safely managing our chemical product inventory. Our employees were so impressed with SISST’s specialized training that more sessions are planned. SISST’s support has been extremely valuable for Promett.

Promett metal products

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